“100 Great Master Artists of our Time”

1 June 2017

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Sharon Kow – Coloured Pencil Master Artist

When I received a message on Facebook from Cindy Wider, co-founder of  DrawPj.com Art Education about an interview for her ongoing project,  I was speechless…. took me quite a while to digest it.

She explained that she is gradually gathering artists from around the world for this collection and that the artists she personally choose for this special project are selected based upon her opinion and after watching them for (sometimes several years) online.

After reading her detailed explanations, I was still unsure. Not because of who she is, it was me. I have never once thought myself as a master of anything because I still have so much to learn.

The interview questions brought back fond and sad memories and it took me almost 2 weeks to complete. All the answers that I have given came straight out within me, there are some things that many of my personal friends do not even know it. This is by far the most ‘intimate’ interview that I have done.

I am still pinching myself when I read the published interview and Cindy and her team did a fantastic job by making it interesting, as though I am sitting right in front of her in the interview. I felt so honoured and humbled to be included.

This project will take several years to complete and I hope to see a complete collection of it, or may be a possibility in a printed version…..


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