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7 March 2017

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This is an interview I did with www.eksentrika.com recently. Eksentrika is a content website dedicated to showcase Malaysian talents, inspire more creatives and spur the growth of local arts.

They are a pretty new outfit, run by former journalists Ista and Sukhbir who strives to give exposure and recognitions to the unconventional artisans and maverick virtuosi for their contributions to art. Eksentrika also serves as a database of local creative talents and a conduit for these artists to reach out to potential clients. They believe Malaysia has a plethora of hidden creative gems and this eccentric duo are aspire to get them all noticed.

And to be featured in their website, is definitely a huge honour. To think that my art work is worthy of their attention.

To add icing on the cake, Faber-Castell Malaysia was generous enough to act as sponsor to my article! It was something that I did not expected at all.

To read more, go to eksentrika.com








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