27 May 2019

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If you have been following my style of artwork, you will notice the majority of it are quite ‘mellow’ or ‘muted’ in colours. But this time, this piece is pretty ‘loud’, colours that I hardly use. So why the change?

No, I am not changing my style, it is just that I feel that it is good to do something out of the norm once in a while. And since this is a much smaller piece at 8 x 8 inches, I thought that it will be quite fun to do something dramatic.

This is a tea caddy made of ceramic to store tea leaves. In my case, Chinese tea leaves. It was a gift from Taiwan, by the guy who was my model of the portrait that I did last year. It was such a lovely gesture from him and something that I will treasure for a long time.

The original subject is much more mellowed compared to the artwork and it was done on purpose. Instead of painting it exactly as it is, I chose to dramatised it. This gave out a sense of grandness, an almost majestic feel to the whole piece, hence the title “Resplendence”. An appreciation of beauty.

This piece will be heading off to Brea, California in July for the “Small Works of Great Magnitude” silent auction organised by the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) Every year, a select group of artists will be invited to donate a small original work of art for the purpose. It is indeed a huge honour to received the invitation.

CPSA has in some way, helped me tremendously throughout my journey as a colour pencil artist. It is just a small gesture on my part to contribute to the mission of this organisation and hope that they will continue on to champion this medium.

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