Deafening Silence

24 February 2014

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This is something very different from my usual work. I was intrigued by this scene I saw in town.

Initially, that cobalt blue captured my eyes, didn’t give it a second thought. But I don’t know what made me took a second look, a long second look.


The whole scene seemed to speak to me. Suddenly my surroundings became so still, so quiet. My focus was then on that chair. It can be eerie, come to think of it, but for some reason, this chair suddenly depict a sense of the emptiness.

The solitary chair, the leg stool, the gloomy background & the striking gaudy picture frame…… It somehow represent my feeling after the departure of my beloved father. The chair & stool represents emptiness left by my dad in my life. The blue represents my feeling of losing him. The gaudy picture is my overwhelmed suppressed sadness for him, bursting to cry out. This whole scenario is so still but yet profound, it’s like something’s waiting to burst out, exactly my feeling are.

Why I say this, is because I was trained to be strong emotionally since young. I can’t easily express my feelings verbally. And that’s why I turned to art as an outlet of my emotions.

The title “Deafening Silence” may seem odd to many. But for people who have loss someone in their lives but could not express their pain, they will understand this painting.

Now, that’s the explanations of this painting, hope it made sense.





Now, let me give you the details on this painting.

I did this on a heavy duty 300gm (140lbs) cold pressed watercolour paper (Lanaquarelle). It’s size is 12 x14.5 inch (42.5x30cm), approx. A3 size. Faber Castell polychromos coloured pencil on this.

Now, for those who’s not familiar with the term cold pressed. It meant a paper surface with rough textures.  So this paper actually eats up the pencil leads pretty fast, imagine doing it on fine sand paper. I must be crazy to waste pencils this way, right? But, for the sake of art & experimenting, I’ll do it. LOL!!!! I can also do the background using watercoloured pencil but I don’t think I can get the intensity of the blue wall that I like. Mind you, that wall has many colours on it, on certain light & angle, it reflects different colours. Difficult to show it on picture, have to see the real thing.

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