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26 April 2013

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This IS difficult!!

This idea was thrown to me by Wendy from the quaint little bookshop where I rent all my reads. When I told her that I’ve started to paint, she suggested why not do something beneficial with my work, with purpose.

She was reading this book by a guy in USA who started this ‘Wine to Water’ project, where this organisation provides free filters for households & wells in war-torn country such as Afghanistan, Africa etc. Obviously by doing so, they need people to donate $ in order to churn out & distributes the filters. She suggested that I paint something relating to that & put it for sale, the $ is up to me to decide how much I would like to contribute to this purpose.

So I surfed their website and found some pictures for references. The original picture was of 2 kids from Sudan, drinking from the filtered pipe. It’s tough to paint the whole picture with cp so I just zoom in the hands, pipe & water.

The easiest part of this painting is the rusty pipe, the toughest are the water & hands. But I managed, not too bad. All thanks to the fantastic cp.



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