A Blog, at last…

25 April 2013

Blog post

After all this years, I finally have a blog to write things that no one in my family wants to listen.

I guess it’s like talking to myself, using keypads. Of course, I wouldn’t know nuts about setting up a blog. This was set up by my ‘lovely’ daughter, ‘lovely’ because she is in her mid teen age (all mom out there with teenagers will know what I mean).

I have told her that I would like to start a blog and can she help me set it up? O.k. mom! she said, and that was like almost 2 months ago.

So, today, she finally ask me what happened to my blog page? So I told her I’m waiting for you to set it up. O.K. mom! And VOILLA!!! She did it. THANK YOU!!!! Patience pays off.

I will start posting my paintings tomorrow as it’s near dinner time now. Mom’s gotta do what she gotta do!!


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