Lilac Roller

25 July 2013

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This is a challenge from Color Pencil Magazine on FaceBook.

They have monthly art challenge and winner gets to win lots of goodies. I did this because of the colours. These are colours which I hardly, some never, use unless its for blending to add depth to primary colours.

Since I’ve done it, might as well submit but of course, don’t expect to win anything. Should see other artist work, just awesome.

It’s quite a breeze working on this, especially using the Faber-Castell polychromos, since they are oil based, the colours just glide on and no wax bloom like those wax based. But still be using other wax based colour pencils because they have their own distinctive outcome.

I’ve stopped painting for almost 2 days now. taking a break before I start my commissioned work, fingers crossed!

 lilac roller1


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